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Since 19 May 2010


Here are some registration requirements that should be completed:

A. Conduct initial registration at BHI campus by bringing the following requirements:
 1. Pay the registration fee of  IDR 250.000,-
 2. Recent color photograph 2x3 (1 sheet), 3 x 4 (1 sheet)

B. New Admissions Test
 a. The new admissions exam consists of: IQ test and interview (Bahasa Indonesia & English)
 b. Entrance tests can be done on the same day at the time of registering
 c. Take a medical and drug examination test at a nearby clinic or BHI referral clinic with
carry a certificate by registering at BHI at his own expense of IDR 400,000,-

C. Schedule of New Student Admission Test Batch 38

Batch Registration Test Opening Ceremony EHIP Study
38 Part 1 & 2 Until June 2018 Monday-Friday 09:00 - 15:00 or Saturday 09:00 to 12:00 Every Saturday

Part 1. 4 June 2018*
Part 2. 23 July 2018*

June - July 2018* 30 July 2018*
38 Part 3,4,5 Until September 2018 Monday-Friday 09:00 - 15:00 or Saturday 09:00 to 12:00 Every Saturday

Part 3. 20 August 2018*
Part 4&5. 24 September 2018*

August - September 2018* 1 Oktober 2018*

 *Date of start study, ehip and opening ceremony still can change at any time.

D. Re-Registration

 1. 2 copy of  certificate of  High School or equivalent that has been legalized original/wet stamp
 2. 1 copy of SKHUN (Certificate of National Examination Result)
 3. 1 legalized copy of the latest report cards (if the certificate has not been issued)
 4. 1 copy of  ID card
 5. 1 copy of SKCK (Police Note Certificate) that has been legalized

If the student resigns from the STP Bogor because of accepted in SNMPTN / SBMPTN (with the attachment letter from the state university) at the same year when registering at STP Bogor, we will refund the fee already paid with a cut 10% of the total tuition fees, beyond that reason money can not be refunded.

Tuition fee is made via transfer:
Prog 1 Year: Maybank with No.Rek: 2242002617 a / n LKP-BHI
Prog D3, D4 & S1: Maybank with No.Rek: 2242002620 a / n SEKOLAH TINGGI PARIWISATA BOGOR

E. The tuition fee includes semester fees, credits, building fee, practice 50%, uniform, accident insurance, and On The Job Training administration for one year.