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Since 19 May 2010

Guide Along the Way to BHI

From the airport to Bogor (about 70 KM), can be done in 2 ways:

  1. Using a taxi by the toll road:
    During the trip, you will find the 4 (four) toll booths:
    •First Gate: Toll Gate Sedyatmo, pay IDR 15.000
    •Second Gate: Gate toll Cibubur, get a toll card
    •Third Gate: Exit at Sentul City toll gate, pay IDR 7.500
    •Fourth Gate: Sign on Gate to Bogor Lingkar Luar, pay IDR 6.000
  2. For your convenience, you can give the entire fee in advance to the taxi driver and allow him to handle the payments. After the last toll gate, you will see the intersection with the traffic light. Go straight following the road until you arrive at a traffic light at the next junction then turn left and you have entered theTaman Yasmin area. On the left you will see Giant Hypermarket of Taman Yasmin and Yasmin Harmony Centre. On the right you will see the white colored building of the BHI campus. Then turn around at the U-turn, about 100 m. From the U-turn will take the road Jalan ke Kampus BHI on the left side then turn left after Ruko Taman Yasmin.

    Safety tips for taking a taxi at the airport and Jakarta:

    1. At the airport, never take transportation from brokers who approach you offering transportation. This illegal transportation that you take at your own risk. Aside from the taxi stands, the only licensed transportation companies have counters inside the arrival terminals. Their representatives wear uniforms with an ID.
    2. Use the Blue Bird Group counters at the airport regular taxi queue, you are supposed to take the first taxi in the queue so it may not be possible to select a taxi of your choice. Taxis often refuse to use the meter, or invent other charges. If you feel apprehensive, take a Silver Bird which has an exclusive taxi stand at the airport. Blue Bird Group operates Silver Bird and Golden Bird limousine services from their counters in all the arrival terminals A, B, C, D, E, and F.
  3. Using a Damri airport bus to Bogor
    Walk to the bus stop once you have exited baggage claim and wait until the Damri Airport Bus labeled with the BOGOR destination comes. Attention: do not get on a bus with a different destination. It costs between IDR 35.000 and IDR 75.000, and the bus will stop at Baranangsiang Bogor Bus Station at Botani Mall. After that, walk to the Trans Pakuan bus stop (cost ~ IDR 5.000) and stop at BHI / Harmony Centre bus stop, cross the road and walk through the way on Jalan Ke Kampus BHI.

Have a nice trip.

Alternate routes to reach BHI campus by:

  1. Private Car/ Taxi: From Jakarta, Sukabumi, Puncak, Cianjur through Jagorawi toll road exit at Sentul City and go to Bogor Lingkar Luar Toll road. About 15 minutes will get you to the BHI campus. Toll charges from Jakarta already informed above. From Ciawi to Sentul City toll fee is IDR 1.000 and Bogor Lingkar Luar Toll is IDR 6.000.
  2. Train: From Jakarta or Sukabumi using train stop at Bogor station, then walk to Taman Topi Square across the street, and ride public transportation colored green number 03 to Terminal Bubulak. From there ride public transportation colored blue number 32 to cibinong and stop at BHI / Curug Mekar. PBus: From Jakarta and other cities took a bus to Bogor destination and stopped at the Terminal Baranangsiang. After that walk across the street to the bus stop of Trans Pakuan then ride the bus (cost IDR 5.000) and stop at BHI / Harmony Centre bus stop, cross the road and walk through Jalan Ke Kampus BHI.